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We are a group of motivating and empowering peeps that push weight, their limitations and the culture of fitness and running to a place that focuses on mind-body connection and quality over quantity.


Side plank remixed. Sprinter pose + arm action. Turn up your Tuesday and add this into your mix for 3-4 sets of 20 seconds on each side. Remember, quality is clutch. #tribecalledsprinters #fastasfolk #goodvibetribe #turnuptuesday

Don't feel stupid if you don't like what everyone else pretends to love. We don't pretend. We believe in QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. We believe in doing AS MUCH AS NECESSARY NOT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. We believe sprinting is NEXT LEVEL BODYWEIGHT TRAINING. We believe WE ARE STRONGEST TOGETHER. We believe TRIBE IS THE FUTURE OF FITNESS AND RUNNING. #tribecalledsprinters #goodvibetribe #fastasfolk

The dopest tracks know how to mix old school and new school. We rep classic shit too. #doubleyourbodyweight #thefutureisfast #asmuchasnecessary #tribecalledsprinters

MLK called himself and his followers disciplined non-conformists. We call ourselves Culture Pushers. Today, we pay homage to a man who stood with conviction, truth and love. His legacy continually inspires us to stand for what believe and the change we want to see in the world of fitness and beyond. #culturepushers #mlkday #tribecalledsprinters