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We are a group of motivating and empowering peeps that push weight, their limitations and the culture of fitness and running to a place that focuses on mind-body connection and quality over quantity.


Some people just dig next level sh*t. Others, think it’s cool and admire from afar. Sure, we love admirers but TRIBE is for DOERS. We do sh*t at Tribe and we are serious about who we do it with. We know that the people (we call ourselves Pushers) we surround ourselves with will either make us or break us. So, when we extend an invite to come into our world, it means something. It’s a magical place and you’ve been invited to experience and bring your magic. LESS THAN 10 SPOTS LEFT!!!! Leave comment and we'll send you registration link. #fastfolk #tribe #tribecalledsprinters #speed #running #fitness

Epitomizing the F.A.S.T life. Loving this pic of one of the fast folk, getting some reps in while in his suit!!! We are the next big thing in fitness if you haven't heard. TRIBE!!!! #fastfolk #tribecalledsprinters #ipledgeallegiancetothetribe

I know it's been a long day....but we still got practice tonight at Eastside. #fastforlife #speedclub #teamspeed #sprinterbody #weownspeed

Filming one of our multi-directional practices. Can't wait to look back on this and see how far we've come. Changing the game of fitness and running is so damn fun! #startedfromthebottom #nowwehere #tribecalledsprinters #fastfolk #fastforlife #legalizedspeed #culturepushers

To all the mothers, you are loved beyond measure. It is from you, that we have strength. Happy Mother's Day! Photo cred goes to one of our dope Tribe Moms @bubblicious05. We love you! #fastfolk #tribecalledsprinters #happymothersday

A Tribe Called Sprinters is GROWING OUR TEAM OF SPEED BREEDERS. If you or anyone you know are looking to join our team, leave us a comment so we can email you the application. We aren't looking for "instructors". We are looking for trailblazers who want to be part of an amazing movement that is changing the game of running and fitness. You must be a certified personal trainer or in the process of obtaining your cert. And while knowledge of speed is a bonus, it's not a requirement. That's why we are the best at what we do. Most talk about speed but we teach it. First workshop is this May 29-30th. We are only taking five!!!! #speedbreeders #fastfolk #tribecalledsprinters #trailblazers #ipledgeallegiancetothetribe #sprinting #running

The name of today's workout was "RUN DMC"Tribe Jammed Master Jayed that workout!! Awesome job today Tribe! #fastforlife #speedfitness #legalizedspeed #myadidas #sprinterbody