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Our goal is simple--- to use sprinting and speed training as the medium to elevate the community to its highest level of fitness and performance possible.


Your biggest enemy is you. Say yes to your unfolding future. Say yes to your potential. #motivation #yesyoucan #tribeliftsyouup #fastfolk #tribecalledsprinters

Some multi-directional fun TODAY! Speed isn't just for "runners". Come learn how the pros do it. Let's go!!! #fastfolk #speed #changedirections #tribecalledsprinters

It may be time to change your training and your mentality. Exercise isn't war. And that mentality definitely isn't sustainable. Learn another way...perhaps THE TRIBE way ๐Ÿ˜‰ TAG SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO HEAR THIS :) #trainsmarter #truth #fastfolk #fasttwitch #tribecalledsprinters

Lets go back in time for a bit. Back to the time when records and cassette tapes were in play, a time when simple things were fun. Remember when you used to run street light to street light? Or race your friends for fun? Oh, and field day at school. That was the best! The best times of your life. You were running fast โ€” and it was fun. You were in the best shape of your life and didn't even realize it. Now flash forward. Those simple games filled with sprinting and fast movements have been replaced with idleness, jogging and other slow-twitch movements. It's time to change that. In fact, the only people who should perform low-intensity cardiovascular exercise like jogging are those who need to lose muscle tissue. To maximize your body composition and performance, sprinting is the modality of choice. A well-designed sprint program โ€” that's where we come in โ€” will significantly reduce body fat, increase work capacity and reaction time and develop your posterior chain (the fancy term for glutes and all the other muscles on the back of your leg) like that of a world-class athlete. Sprinting (yes, even now with more candles on your birthday cake) is the best thing you're not doing.

Our compass...our standard...our principles. Every workout...every decision is made with this in mind. Living in the present. Not sacrificing our health or principles for money. #dalailama #fastfolk #tribecalledsprinters