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Our goal is simple--- to use sprinting and speed training as the medium to elevate the community to its highest level of fitness and performance possible.


Stop thinking of yourself as a “runner” (or “bike racer,” or “triathlete,” or . . .) and start thinking of (and planning for, and valuing) yourself as an “athlete.” An athlete doesn’t do the same thing, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Nor does an athlete just run, or just ride, or just swim, or “just” swim, ride, and run or just train in a CrossFit box. Unless you’re a professional making a living from being one-dimensional, why just do one thing, when doing many different things so greatly expands the physical, psychological, and social benefits of training and competing? #athlete #expandyourtraining #tribecalledsprinters PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ONE PERSON THAT NEEDS TO HERE THIS.

Putting in work!!!! We don't put down more than 5x our bodyweight when sprinting on accident! #fastfolk #beingfastisnoaccident #fasttwitch #strongTRIBE #tribecalledsprinters

TRAINING for speed = STRONG Some highlights from our explosive power workout dubbed Marshawn Lynch #fastfolk #tribecalledsprinters #fastisstrong #jointhemovement