Anthony Anderson

Speed Breeder

Anderson represents Houston, TX and holds a degree from the University of Oklahoma. Officially, he is new to the coaching and training profession but unofficially he has been training and coaching for over 20 years as a lifelong athlete and competitor. He started training with TCS when the starter pistol first fired in 2013; one of the first people to sign up. He takes pride in his diverse athletic ability with passions in track, boxing, basketball and tennis….basically anything that makes you sweat. He is a fierce competitor yet loves to make jokes. Mix that in with a good amount of hands-on knowledge and creativity which he pulls together to create a unique training experience, pushing you to the edge of what you can do.

Coaching Credentials

Currently studying for the NASM CPT.


Houston, Texas


University of Oklahoma, B.S. Economics

Athletic Background

Athletics is a staple in my life. In fact, it’s a lifestyle that I have never fully released from my grip. From a young age I was always active. Growing up I played sports like basketball, football, track and gymnastics but also was heavily involved with multiple genres of dance, including a stint in ballet (No, I’m not ashamed!) Since college I have also picked up sports like tennis, boxing, skiing, golf and even a little ninja warrior to name a few. As far as track, I ran the 400m and 800m (I have since let this race go) and was involved in the 4x400m and 4x100m. I don’t have it like I use to but nothing will stop me from trying. Its go time!

Favorite Music To Train To

I love ALL music but for training, I have to go with HIP HOP.